Turbo invoice - how to send invoices faster

Malgorzata Kozicka Malgorzata Kozicka 2015-10-08

Cut down the time spent on invoicing to the absolute minimum. InvoiceOcean's new feature lets you skip most of the invoicing process - no more filling out your customer's contact info, sale details, tax rates and so on. Just leave it to your clients!

What is a turbo invoice?

Both your and and your customers' time is a precious resource - you have a mutual interest in conducting your business as quickly as possible. You probably remember at least one situation when you were held up in a queue because someone in front of you needed to get an invoice for their shopping. The same is true for many other cases: we all know how inconvenient it is to ask a plumber or auto mechanic for an invoice. InvoiceOcean's Turboinvoices are a solution to this problem - all you need to issue one is an e-mail address.

How it works

After clicking the Turbo Invoice button you will be prompted to enter your client's email address.

Then just start typing the name of the product or service you're issuing an invoice for, and the value will be completed automatically based on your InvoiceOcean inventory. The price, tax rate and full name will also be autocompleted.

How your customers benefit

Your customer will be emailed a link to the Turboinvoice. There they will be able to fill in their company's information at their convenience.
If you've set up online Autopayments on your InvoiceOcean account, your customer will also be able to immediately complete payment thorugh a secure provider. Turboinvoice not only save you time and money, but also help protect the environment - there is no paper wasted on unnecessary printouts. Another benefit is the fact that e-invoices don't get lost - you can access them from any internet enabled device indefinitely.

A win-win scenario

Turbo Invoices not only helps you get rid of paper receipts and invoices, but also streamlines book-keeping thanks to InvoiceOcean's integrated payment options. Invoicing and getting paid doesn't have to be difficult - with Turbo Invoices the entire process is quick, simple and painless, both for you and your customers.

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