Reaktor Warsaw - this is where we work. Learn about the benefits of coworking

Malgorzata Kozicka Malgorzata Kozicka 2015-10-05

Startups and coworking are a match made in heaven. Why rent an office when you just need a desk?

The fundament of coworking is sharing space, but working on separate projects. It's up to you whether you want to work on something personal, or catch up with company deadlines. Coworking is perfect for ultra-creative startup owners, but it's also a great solution for enterprising small business owners. But what exactly makes coworking so great?

Infinite inspirations

Working from home isn't for everyone; neither is bouncing ideas off your garage walls. Sometimes a change of environment can do wonders. Find a coworking space near you, rent a desk and try again. Still nothing? Brew some coffee. Look at the people around you. Et voila! Finding your eureka moment is easier when the people around you share your values. Who knows - maybe coworking will net you a new business partner?

Share and learn

A question is bugging you, but you don't even know how to start searching for an answer. It's so out of your ballpark that it seems like a whole new game. Should you try asking on Facebook or some forum? No need - just ask the person next to you. Who knows, they might be the world authority on the subject. Share your knowledge and learn from others - it's good for all parties involved.

Get motivated

Are you stuck in a rut? Having a bad day (week, month)? Are you glued to your laptop refreshing Facebook, with projects and deadlines piling up? Taking the dog for a walk doesn't seem to help; neither does talking to yourself in the mirror. Rent a desk. Watch others work. You'll feel motivated instantly - the sight of other people typing away on their keyboards will make you want to get things done.

Be smart about saving

Working from home might seem like the cheapest solution for new entrepreneurs. It is, but not without caveats - striking a work/life balance is difficult when your bedroom is also your office. Coworking is the perfect compromise between staying at home and renting an entire office. You get a desk in a work-friendly environment, without the hefty price tag of a dedicated space. There's also the added benefit of having a separate address for your business, and a professional space to meet clients in. 

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