InvoiceOcean Product Update – April 2021

Margo Ovsiienko Margo Ovsiienko 2021-04-06
InvoiceOcean product update (April 2021)

The Easter Bunny jumped out of its Warren to bring you this festive monthly update. At the end of March, we got more Easter eggs in our basket as well as new functions within our program. Check out what we have prepared for you!

Notifications about the invoice preview and printing

You no longer have to guess if your clients have opened an invoice link and understand it has to be paid.

Some users have asked to add a message informing them about opening an invoice link sent to the Client. Great news! From now on, you can see notifications about the preview and printing of your invoice by the recipient. Find them in your document activity.


Additionally, the change of the issue date is displayed at the beginning of the document activity. These changes are displayed in the appropriate format for your interface language.

Leveling invoice sending errors

This option is available for the users who have activated the Client Panel.

Invoices with a sending error are displayed in the user panel with a "show only sent documents" option enabled. This solution facilitates a quick response as it allows you to check on the issue and forward the invoice to the customer even if sending has failed due to technical reasons.

Wise (Transferwise) imports

You can import all Wise (Transferwise) transactions from a selected period to InvoiceOcean. Go to Account > Import. Click the button “New import”, then choose “Import Bank Statement” from the dropdown menu. Pick Transferwise from the “Form of payment” options.

Custom invoice templates

When it comes to creating custom invoice templates, there are also some novelties. Here are the handlebars that are now available.


{{department.shortcut}} When creating your document export, go to Settings -> Account settings -> Templates -> Add a new template -> Document List type (export), you can get the abbreviated name of the department, both in XLS and XML exports.


{{warehouse_document_numbers}} variable with numbers of linked warehouse documents.


{{}} allows you to add the client id downloaded from the client's file to the invoice message.


{{buyer_full_name}} adds a variable to show the person's full name on the invoice.

EAN code digits

The EAN code digits are now located under the barcodes on the printouts. Previously, when printing sales or warehouse documents, only a barcode was displayed next to the products. You asked for digits because some of you are using them to identify goods accepted to stores.

Warehouse stocks value

A summary of the warehouse stocks value has been added to the inter branch transfers.

Easier login and registration

We have also introduced a small additional feature on the login window – an eye icon. With this feature in place you can show/hide the password when logging in or registering. This way you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have made a mistake when entering your password.


Go find out what’s in your Easter basket from InvoiceOcean.

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