Invoice as part of your brand image

Karolina Karolina 2020-08-12

A coherent brand image emphasizes the entrepreneur's professionalism. It builds a positive image of the company in the eyes of the recipients and emphasizes its competitive advantage at the outset. What can you do to make your clients perceive your company as trustworthy and recommend it to others? In this article you will find some tips on how to build a positive brand image.

According to the thesis of Marty Neumeier – a specialist in brand strategy – “A brand is not what YOU say it is. It’s what THEY say it is”. Indeed. The image of our own company that we, as entrepreneurs, have in our minds does not always coincide with that of our clients.

Not only competencies

One of the key factors influencing business success is the quality of the services provided. Indifferent quality will make your customers run away to the competition sooner or later. High quality – with appropriate marketing support – will provide the expected profits. The way the company is perceived by current and potential contractors is also important. After all, who would like to do business with a competent but sloppy partner or buy good quality goods from a rude seller?

Key brand image

A positive image of the brand increases its credibility, results in better reception by the environment and evokes positive associations. And this translates into an increase in the overall value of the company. When building the image of your business, it is worth taking care not only of obvious elements, such as coherent visual identification, a well-made website and exemplary relationships with contractors, but also of details, e.g. the appearance of accounting documents.

Invoice as part of the brand image

An invoice is a basic document that confirms a transaction involving the sale of services or goods. It contains detailed data: information about the parties and the subject of the transaction, the amount of receivables or settlement dates. Therefore, issuing invoices is an indispensable element of every entrepreneur’s work. Do you want the look of your document to fit perfectly into the impeccable image of your company? Do you want to arouse the admiration of your clients and put a sincere smile on their face? Refine the look of the invoice in the smallest detail! How to do it?

Thanks to InvoiceOcean:

  • you can customize the look of your accounting documents to suit your individual needs and preferences. You can choose one of the 7 invoice templates or prepare your own, design the layout of the fields and presentation of the tables yourself, change the font size, and adjust the color of the invoice elements so that it is consistent with the colors of your brand. Such a procedure will perfectly emphasize the distinctiveness of your business. Thanks to InvoiceOcean your invoices will become different from all the others;
  • you will match the invoice template with the letterhead, making it consistent with other elements of visual identification. From now on, even the smallest element building your brand will match the others; 
  • you will put the company's logo, or even its stamp, on the invoice. Only a few invoicing software offer this option; 
  • you will equip the invoice with the Autopayment function. This feature will allow the client to pay the receivable right away. It will also make your company perceived as modern and innovative.
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By taking care of the impeccable appearance of your accounting documents, you send your clients a clear message: “every, even the smallest element of my company is very important to me”. Such an approach promises a fruitful cooperation based on respect and commitment – which is a great value these days.