How to Save Money With Online Invoicing

Malgorzata Kozicka Malgorzata Kozicka 2015-05-08

In today’s market carriers are always in search of ways to cut down expenses. There are many online accounting sites to choose from - make sure you pick the right one for your needs. Consider InvoiceOcean: an easy to learn, fully-featured e-invoicing solution.

E- invoicing in numbers

Eliminating manual processes can cut down invoicing costs by up to 80%. Sending invoices in real time improves accounts receivable conversion rates, because electronic delivery of invoices is faster, more accurate and more efficient than using traditional means. In other words - you’ll get paid faster.

The benefits of e-invoicing in figures

  • In the past 6 years we’ve sent 3603999 digital invoices from our e-invoicing system
  • 1£ per invoice (paper & postage) = 3603999£
  • 14 minutes administrative benefit per invoice (preparing + average time spent in the post office per 10 invoices sent at once) 3603999 * 14 = 50455986 minutes = 840933h!

Savings for you and your clients

In order to fully take advantage of electronic invoicing, your business needs to cater to various customers’ preferences. InvoiceOcean allows document customization by adding own company logo, or selecting an invoice and email template. This solution would enable delivery of invoices electronically in customer-preferred form. Users also have the ability to set payment reminders and statuses or issue new documents based on previous ones. Documents can be issued in multiple languages and any world currency.


InvoiceOcean offers four account types with limited access to different features. All accounts can be tested extensively for 30 days at no cost, with no credit card required. There is also a Free plan, allowing users to issue up to three invoices per month. Since electronic invoicing increases speed and accuracy, the organizations can collect cash faster. Start saving for today by creating a free InvoiceOcean account!

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Benefit from e-invoicing now:

  • Improve cash flow control

  • Save time and money with automated financial processes, whilst assuring a legal guarantee

  • Cut down on receivables issues, such as administrative costs, scheduling limitations, mailroom difficulties, and billing dispute management

  • Get ahead of your competitors - become an industry leader

E-invoicing puts you on the fast track to savings and increased customer satisfaction. Start issuing online invoices with InvoiceOcean today!

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